About Us

Bringing the world to everyone's home.

Your home should always be the best place to live. Stories dreams nothing short of it, every moment.

One of India's largest network of furniture, furnishing and home decor chains, we have redefined how Indian families imagine their living spaces. Perfectly planned to suit the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic globe-trotting new generation, Stories leave no stone unturned in its aspiration to serve the aesthetic and space needs of Indian conditions. This has been made through years of tremendous research and explorations before starting its first brick and motor store in a small town city in Kozhikode of Kerala, Stories brings world-class furniture, furnishings and home accessories to every class of people. This ideology is implemented by world- renowned designers, Stories features unique ergonomic and aesthetic products befitting everybody’s home.

Instead of just sourcing from a variety of manufacturers, Stories actually signs up with designers to create and make signature furniture pieces and furnishings. Handcrafted by select vendors, these products are of proven quality in terms of durability and raw materials.

A venture of Dubai-based Bronet Group, Stories actualizes global home concepts for those who long for global-standard of living without compromising on the aesthetics. Our concept is derived from imagining a home in its wholeness where the tiniest details, like what lighting to choose matches the theme with the more elaborate details like choosing the right carpet. The completeness lies in sourcing related products from every culture we opt for. We know there is no shortcut to make our customers happy. So, we strive to achieve it every minute. Achieving everyone’s home concept is our concept. When one satisfied customer leaves our premise smiling with stories of his choice, we restart our process to fill the gap with new stories.


Every culture has a unique style. It is accepted by many others. At Stories, we curate them with ultimate easiness. Heterogeneity is in our DNA. Designed for a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural audience, Stories collects products that are truly heterogeneous in nature. Only similarity is in the highest level of comfort it offers, irrespective of the product range it belongs to. And we call it HETEROVERSITYTM.

Our showrooms:

We are sorry for giving our customers the agony of choice with one being far better than the other. Sourced from world-class vendors through a series of processes, none of our products can easily be written off. It may not suit your taste, but would hook you for a moment. This is exactly why we themed up our products. Exhibited in a spacious environment, it leads you to the opportunity of selecting products in a row rather than picking one after the other. Designed with years of research, our showrooms could inspire you to set up your home, literally. Finally, it is our joy to provide our customers with the ultimate comfort in one of the hardest jobs of colouring their dream home. The showrooms have been planned to meet the growing need of global home ideas in and around these cities. And, we will be growing every day to expand our reach to 20 showrooms by 2022.

Our parent company:

When three brothers put their heart and soul into a business venture in the 80s, their efforts gave shape to The Bronet Group. Their efforts continued to grow, resulting in the expansion of the group with new business models in trading and retailing. The Bronet Group is a home name in industries such as Healthcare, Telecom, Finance, Retail & Hospitality with business footprints in countries including the Middle East, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Africa, and the UK.

Corporate Office

14/409/G4, Al Amana Tower,
Olavanna Road,
Kozhikode, Kerala 673019
Tel : +91 495 2965941

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