Create a Leafy Little Home


Have you got a green thumb??

Are you tired of seeing your pet plants dying?  

Or you don’t have the time to take care of your pet plants?

We have the perfect solution for you!! Switch to evergreen artificial plants! It’s zero maintenance and long-lasting and when it comes to artificial plants, there are several artificial plant arrangement ideas to light up your living space. Artificial plants can add an extra layer of elegance to your home. Create happy vibrant corners with cute and beautiful-looking artificial plants and planters. 


Amp up your corners with greenery

Do you have a space where nothing fits? Then fill those corners with artificial green plants to make them aesthetically beautiful.  You can add tall potted plants, tall plants, bonsai plants and small floor pots with plants to make it a wonderful plant sanctuary. This will help make the room look perfect without being tense about watering and caring for the plants often. Monstera, Palm, or Ficus artificial plants are the apt choices for filling up your indoors.

Go for hanging indoor plants

Decorating the living room with artificial plants in hanging pots will be relatively easier than real greens as they will not require regular watering or care and will save space and look gorgeous at the same time. You can go for artificial creepers and other vine plants to elevate the corners. 

Plant Pots

Growing potted plants is a great way to bring more beauty into your interior. The important thing is to have a vase that matches the decor of your room. Pots with different colors and shapes can look great. Using a variety of pots can make any plant area look more interesting.  Choose the best artificial plants such as Bonsai, Succulents, Money plants, red roses, and attractive floral plants and place them in designer pots for the perfect accent.

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Add a pop of colour

Pair your artificial green plants with floral wall art and florals to get that colourful vibe. Choose the perfect choice of wall art that goes well with your home décor and club them with nice artificial plants of your choice.  You can go for artificial flower bouquets to decorate your table tops and side tables. 

Mix and Match

If you are a plant fanatic and can’t get away with live plants, then mix artificial plants with live plants. Choose a live plant that sheds a few leaves and mix them with artificial plants. It will work best for your living space because you can make the space cool and seasonal by replacing the original plants with new ones, for example, you can choose tropical plants in summer and change the plants in winter to keep your decor fresh and vibrant. 
A Little Bit of Greenery Can’t Hurt Anybody! Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with these quick handfuls of tips and upgrade your home and interiors.

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