Our Story

Stories is a lifestyle destination that carefully serrated designer furniture for your living space. It caters to the furniture needs of a customer purely from the point of view of delivering decor solutions for the home at large, thereby adopting a far more holistic approach as opposed to a regular ‘furniture store’. This forms the essence of the Stories brand philosophy.

Our logo does all the communication for us. A collection of little tales from around the world. A curation of textures, patterns, constructs, material and form. A coming together of stories, to help clients create home concepts that are truly global. The little dots of varying sizes represent this diversity of thought, working with each other to create a shape and form that’s beautiful, meaningful, and substantial.

At Stories, a conscious attempt is always made to create ambience and experiences representing home living spaces as close as possible. Doing away with normal retail over-clutter, and keeping client interaction to a highly productive and efficient minimum. The idea is to give the client as much space as possible to be a part of the creative process, helping them imagine the look of their living space and to build a story that will be cherished and loved.

Minimal interference, maximum efficiency!

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