• Honeycomb blinds offers excellent insulation properties and thermal efficiency
  • Very low thermal transference for exceptional energy efficiency
  • Available in different fabric options and different operating systems
  • A wide variety of colours may be chosen from sachets
  • Made from polyester fibres which will not degrade over time
  • Can be made to fit inside or outside your window recess


Light Filtering

Offering a serene and bright light diffusion with a touch of translucence

Semi opaque

For medium opacity

Room Darkening

Gives a calming light reduction using ablock out coating. Room darkening fabrics have the highest thermal efficiency


Shades transform the light in a room. Okapi shadings have an unique construction with different fabric opacities that allow the customer to choose from transparent, semi-opaque or light-dimming fabrics. The Palette fabric-covered headrail gives a finished look to the shading.

The lifting system with continuous cord loop disperses the weight evenly across the shading, making even the largest shading easy to raise.


  • Transform harsh sunlight. Vanes and sheers combine to softly filter light.
  • Provide ultraviolet protection. Sheers and vanes combine to provide up to 88% ultraviolet protection with vanes open, 99% when closed.
  • Enhance natural daylighting. Sheers disperse sunlight deep into the room, reducing the need for electric lights.
  • Preserve outside views. No cords or tapes run through product to obstruct outside views.
  • Secure daytime privacy. View to the outside is clear. View from the outside is obscured during the day.
  • Reflect solar heat. Exterior sheer reflects the suns heat, often more vital than insulation.


The enduring charm of our Venetian Blinds lies in their design, durability and versatility with precise control of light intensity and direction.


  • Suitable for all types of windows including: tilt-and-turn, glass doors, sloped windows and glass partition walls.
  • Bounce back slats, heat treated and spring tempered for best in class durability.
  • An unrivaled selection of slat widths, colours, finishes, decorative options.
  • Your branding and logo can be applied to the tassel sets.
  • Our Hardware Platform Concept enables you to choose the desired level of additional options and innovations for your brand.
  • Made with up to 98% high-quality recycled aluminium.
  • Bronze Cradle to Cradle certification for the total finished product.


Filter daylight without spoiling the view or close them for total privacy or filtered light, Wooden blinds are stylish and practical choice.

Available in a range of series and colours, we have the perfect look for every room.


An amazing way to control light and privacy at any time of the day or night. To create the perfect look for the windows and interior, these blinds lets effortlessly slide two stylish fabrics past each other in an open, half-open or completely closed position.

Zebra blind combines the ideal balance of privacy and light control with stunningly eye-catching bold stripes and UV blocking.


  • Ideal for for open areas, Monsoon blinds protect against the on slaught of the monsoon, and gusty winds. Usage of transparent sheets ensures visibility both ways.
  • Designed to withstand torrential rains and intense wind pressure, without blocking the outside view
  • Specially recommended for balconies, food courts, roof top cafeterias, Beach Resorts, garden restaurants, Al fresco dining areas and similar open spaced settings

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