Why Live Normal When You Can Live Like the Bridgertons?

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Dreaming of flowing drapery, classic chandeliers, carved wooden furniture, a colour combination of blues and pinks and hues of yellow, green, and orange, majestic patterns and fabrics, antique mirrors, marquetry tables and chairs, damask wallpaper, and high society bed frames and poster beds from your favourite show???Bridgerton inspired colonial furniture collection

Worry no more, Lady Whistledown is here to help you live your fantasy! Treat yourself to the luxury of living the Bridgerton way.

It's no secret that Regency-era furniture has become a popular design aesthetic since the show's debut and there's been a notable rise in demand for vintage furniture in recent years.  So naturally, as fans prepare to devour the latest episodes, we have some styling tips for you to transport into the Regency Era.

Give your house a Bridgerton-themed makeover when it comes to furniture and décor and Get an immersive Bridgerton experience that transports you to the Regency Era. If you're concerned that your current décor doesn't fit the Bridgerton, adding small touches can perfectly work. Adding an antique mirror would be perfect in a very clean space or add a designer vase on top of your dining table. Some really pretty floral teacups and some embroidered napkins arranged on top of the dinner table will give an extravagant look and feel to the home.

Sip your beverage in the Bridgerton style with incredible teacups and saucers featuring vintage designs fit for a royal. The lovely designer cups and glasses will add charm to the space.

Moving to the bedrooms, adding a couple of pillows to your cot is an easy way to incorporate the look. We can go for amazing floral finish bedspreads and comforters to give a majestic feel to the bedroom.

For the living room go for curved sofas, embellishments, thin legs, and anything with really delicate details or inset decorations in the wood.

Check out amazing Bridgerton-inspired furniture from our Colonial Collection 

Bridgerton-inspired colonial sofa set

There are so many great colours in the show and it is a fantasy world where everything is very pastel. You can pick some pinks and mints and light blues and emulate some of that vibe in your space. If you have a neutral room or white pained walls, it is easy to add a lot of these colours as sort of an accent.


Always be careful to have a balance between the damask fabric, floral wallpaper, and curved sofas. Don’t overdo it. Select signature pieces of designer sofas or tables and personalise it to your preferences. Swap your standard furniture pieces with dark, heavy wood – mahogany, rosewood, or teakwood, Extensive brass inlays and gilded metal accents/mounts. Column-shaped, concave-shaped, or X-shaped chair legs to create a dramatic ambience in your living room.

Designer antique vases

Scented designer candles

For the living room décor, we have ornate frames, antique mirrors, decorate candle stands and scented candles and vintage clocks to give the feel of a Bridgeton set.  No Bridgerton-inspired room will be complete without a fringe rug. This is exactly what you need to tie a room together and give a whimsical finish.

We think these stylish tips would be perfect for a crazy Bridgerton fan. So whether you're longing for interiors from the luxurious houses of the Bridgertons or Featheringtons, or the abodes belonging to Queen Charlotte or Lady Danbury, here's how to bring a little Bridgerton into your home that even Lady Whistledown would approve of!!

Home is where your Stories Begin so weave your Bridgerton story now!!!

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